Ghost Heart

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Dec 302014

She had said – what exactly? Something about her ghost heart. Strange words he thought. What does it mean to have a ghost heart? A ghostly ghost heart. She sounded like a folk song.

“Oh, my heart, my poor murdered heart,
Why won’t you die, my haunted ghost heart?”

He began to wonder at her with his grey unblinking eyes. And his wondering was an inexhaustible conversation that ran to the very horizon of himself, winding deep and long to the disappeared edge of his being.

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Dec 202014

The two girls never seemed to put their phones down all through lunch. When their food arrived, they both took a photo of their plates before they started eating. One girl even showed the other one the photo she took of the food which was still sitting untouched on the table. Fascinating creatures, he thought. [more …]

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