Jan 302013

“It is no great thing to associate with the good and gentle, for such association is naturally pleasing. Everyone enjoys a peaceful life and prefers persons of congenial habits. But to be able to live at peace with harsh and perverse men, or with the undisciplined and those who irritate us, is a great grace, a praiseworthy and manly thing.” – Imitation of Christ

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Lord, thank you for those who irritate.
A moment in the fire with them
strengthens my patience
and teaches me more about myself
than many hours
of peaceful meditation.

Lord, forgive me for my harshness and perversity;
Teach me discipline, that I may learn not to irritate;
Grant me Your great grace and spirit.

Lord, teach me to live at peace in turmoil
and among undisciplined men.
By this may your glory be known.

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