The Logic of Is

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Apr 042012

Bertrand Russell adopted Frege’s predicate logic as his primary philosophical method, a method he thought could expose the underlying structure of philosophical problems. For example, the English word “is” has three distinct meanings by predicate logic: For the sentence ‘the cat is asleep’, the is of predication means that “x is P” (denoted as P(x)) For the sentence ‘there is a cat’, [more …]

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I am a Strange Loop

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Oct 042009

I have not read Douglas Hofstadter very thoroughly, but I have perused some of his work and I enjoy and recommend him. He whets the appetite for something more, which is a good thing. He stirs the passion of the subject… What am I? After reading large chunks of I am a Strange Loop, I [more …]

Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem

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Oct 042009

In the preface of his book, Everything and More: A Compact History of Infinity, the late David Foster Wallace talks about the power of abstraction to suck you into an abyss of insanity. Mathematicians, who deal in pure abstraction, are more prone to insanity than poets and artists, he claims. Trying to define the mathematical [more …]

The Meaning of Life

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Oct 042009

What is the meaning of life? You may have heard this question before. (Have you guessed the riddle yet? – Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland) Of course not. Because this question is actually logically invalid. See category mistake (the philosophical error of putting a thing into a class to which it does not belong). You [more …]

Fractal Logic

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Oct 042009

What is it? You may know of this by it’s common name, “fuzzy” logic. I prefer the term “fractal”, because it gets to the heart of the matter. We don’t have fuzzy dimensions, but we do have fractal dimensions. Fractal dimensions are “fractional” dimensions like 1.2 and 2.3. Likewise with “fuzzy” logic. As opposed to [more …]

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