Nov 062009

There is more.

Words are but a map, and by necessity, limited.

We have no words for what an atom is, no explanations for inertia, no mechanism for light, no description of energy.

Words are not adequate. They are not up to the task. They create paradox, the glaring evidence of their incompleteness.

If you but look closely you will find the broken edge of words and know that there is something beyond the crumbs of the last word; that even this final word is not the end.

Not by far.

This is the edge, the cracked precipice where the word falls silent. This is the brink. This is where we find ourselves when we stand in awe of the unknowable. If you want to experience God, you have to leave words behind.

This leaving behind is the task we face when we reach the brink. Close your eyes, silence your mind and you can experience that which words cannot say.

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