Oct 052011

“technology cannot bring in the century of common man. It can merely reduce man to his lowest common denominator as a consuming animal. If technology is to minister to free men, men must struggle to acquire the practical disciplines related to speech as they have never struggled before. For in acquiring speech men acquire the heritage of our entire civilization.” And yet “demagogues rise up to speak the sickly and confused notions of their stunted spirits, and there are few to detect the fraud which they peddle.” And of course, they now inhabit and manage the halls of academia, “and there are few to detect the fraud which they peddle.


“When a triumphant technology croons the sickly boasts of the advertising men, when the great vaults and vistas of the human soul are obscured by images of silken glamor, and when it is plain that men live not by bread alone but by toothpaste also, then we need the answer of St. Thomas. It is the answer of moral and intellectual discipline and ardor.”

Marshall McLuhan


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