Oct 062005

NYT > The Stone

It’s not about self-improvement. It’s about being a good member of society.
It’s astonishing how relentlessly Western philosophy has strained to prove we are not squirrels.
Not a day goes by that speakers of the Yoruba language do not make mention of death as both a phenomenon and a certainty.
Five years after his death, the dystopian world that his music describes seems closer than ever. But maybe he can show us a way out of it.
The pastures of digital dictatorship — crowded conditions, mass surveillance, virtual reality — are already here.
We’re living in a perpetual present tense. And we are waiting.
Artificial intelligence has given my pancreas a mind of its own. Am I the human being of the future?
Religious Muslims in many nations are finding their sacred rituals of mourning disrupted.
I fear that the more I tell you, the less you will understand who I am.
There is a place for education in the fight against racism, but we shouldn’t confuse it for the fight itself.
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