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A Walk on The Beach

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Oct 062011

Religion is the product of a love affair, it is not the love itself, rather, it is what has grown out of the love. Like a couple in love who walks hand in hand on the beach as the sun sets, we see this and so we set out to walk the beach ourselves, not understanding the original reason from which that walk was made special. It is not the beach, nor the setting sun, but the love that made the walk holy. So many are walking the beach, thinking that to walk is to love. No wonder so many give up!

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The Silliest of Fools

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Oct 062011

I just posted this on a forum where they were talking about the sustained attention that is required of reading books and whether we are losing that ability, or whether it was always small minority who ever had it. Some comments included the value of reading fiction vs non-fiction and one commentator mentioned reading “The [more …]

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Bell-State Quantum Eraser

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Jun 282011

I believe the answer given by Paul Walorski here http://www.physlink.com/education/askexperts/ae86.cfm is incorrect in the statement, “The polarization of the first observed photon can be interpreted as nothing more than the measurement of a characteristic that was established back at the time both photons were created.” If it were true that “nothing more” than this is [more …]

Science and the Humanities

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Mar 162011

We live in a time when science – and even physics – books are regularly seen on the best-seller lists, while registration for science – and physics – classes are on the decline. What is it that the publishing industry knows that our educational system does not? One word: humanity. Again and again we see [more …]

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Laws Do Not Change Hearts and Minds

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Jan 042011

Laws do not change the hearts and minds of people. It took a moral conversion to stop slavery. It took Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and numerous other culture-changing influences to affect this conversion. The same thing must happen with abortion. Changing the laws will do little good if the hearts and minds remain fixed. Changing hearts and minds [more …]

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The Grand Inquisitor

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Jul 052010

To the students in your class who think no one would choose against salvation, you could refer them to Nietzche, or to Ivan in the Brothers Karamazov… — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — The story is told by Ivan to Alyosha, who are brothers (The Brothers [more …]

Economics and Human Dignity

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Jun 222010

In response to http://www.zenit.org/article-29616?l=english It is very important that the tendency of western capitalism to make commodities – of labor AND of consumers – be balanced by this sense of human dignity. One of the long standing criticisms of capitalist societies has always been that capitalism needs “men who cooperate in large numbers to consume [more …]

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Agnosonosia, Scrabble and the Unknown Unknown

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Jun 222010

see also: Dunning-Kruger Effect see also: The Four Stages of Competence Unconscious Incompetence The individual neither understands nor knows how to do something, nor recognizes the deficit, nor has a desire to address it. Conscious Incompetence Though the individual does not understand or know how to do something, he or she does recognize the deficit, [more …]

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Nov 062009

I just read a very interesting article by Malcolm Gladwell. He is a very interesting author. He has written 3 books in the last few years, all best sellers. The Tipping Point, Blink, and Outliers and now has a book of his best articles from the New Yorker magazine called What The Dog Saw. His [more …]

More Than Words Can Say

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Nov 062009

There is more. Words are but a map, and by necessity, limited. We have no words for what an atom is, no explanations for inertia, no mechanism for light, no description of energy. Words are not adequate. They are not up to the task. They create paradox, the glaring evidence of their incompleteness. If you [more …]

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Shadow Banking for Five Year Olds on Halloween

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Sep 062009

For normal people, banking = checking and savings accounts. This involves cash deposits, which are insured by the FDIC. This is traditional banking. Hedge funds also require the services of a bank, but they don’t use cash. They have their own kind of money, called securities. They “deposit” these securities with other hedge funds, constantly [more …]

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Random Letters to the Blogosphere

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Feb 222009

I found your email in a blog post on theory of mind and then read your article. First, kudos on your work. I look forward to reading your website. I was compelled to respond to what you wrote, especially since you invited response. I agree that Atheism is not science. This is, in fact, by [more …]

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