Mar 202009

“Excuse me,” said an ocean fish. “You are older than I, so can you tell me where to find this thing they call the ocean?”

“The ocean,” said the elder fish, “is the thing you are in now.”

“Oh this? But this is just water. What I am seeking is the ocean,” said the disappointed fish as he swam away to search elsewhere.

Stop searching, little fish. There isn’t anything to look for. All you have to do is look.

— Source unknown. I found this in a Jesuit book describing the method of Jesuit, Catholic prayer.

(This parable was also the inspiration of David Foster Wallace’s powerful 2005 commencement speech at Kenyon College, now made into a book, “This is Water.”)

“My soul, have you found what you are looking for? You were looking for God, and you have discovered that He is the supreme being, and that you could not possibly imagine anything more erfect. You have discovered that this supreme being is life itself, light, wisdom, goodness, eternal blessedness and blessed eternity.”

— St Anselm of Canterbury

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