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An electron is a physical condensation of the electromagnetic field that permeates all of spacetime. Thus every electron has the same source. The electron is like the morning dew, appearing from and returning to “the thin air.”

Photons are not massless in a superconductor. They are heavy. Electromagnetic radiation does not penetrate superconductors. If the universe were a type of superconductor it could explain mass very well.. Mass could be the result of the type of superconductor we call empty space. This superconductor would require a new kind of particle… The Higgs condensate. Normal supereconductors conduct electrons. This new superconductor would conduct Higgs particles.

Put it this way: if we lived in a Higgs Superconductor we would have trouble finding the Higgs particle that causes Mass.

Dark energy is the discovery that space has an intrinsic density. The grid, the field, weighs. There is a constant pressure everywhere in space and for all time. This pressure is caused by the density of the grid, or field (the ether?). It is the weight of the universe.

Could the universe be a like a virtual photon that has condensed out of some more fundamental material? The explosiion that we call virtual particle creation, or quark-antiquark creation, might well be described as a “small bang.” Could the big bang be a small bang of some greater world’s particles?

Its from bits. In each 10^-24 seconds a proton computes data equivalent to what our fastest supercomputers compute in months. That is, if you took a supercomputer that could do a million million, or trillion (10^12) floating point operations (flops) per second for several months, this would approximate how much the proton calculates in each second. The quantum computer could, an analogue of the proton, could calculate in mere seconds what supercomputers could never finish within the lifetime of the universe.

We have already made the simplest of these quantum computers.

Know this: no one alive can possibly dream of the changes that such a computer would bring to the world.

In physics, a grad student is he who knows everything about nothing and a professor is he who knows nothing about everything. That is to say, grad students study equations; professors understand them. If, after solving the equation you are surprised at the result, then you are far away from any understanding. Now, with regards to current science, which equations are still surprising us? Well, the solution of the equations that tell us what mass is, they output mass from an input of non-mass. It seems we get something from nothing. The search for the Higgs particle is a search to understand why this is. It is a quest to understand mass and inertia, the most fundamental property we are aware of in the universe.

This is to acknowledge that here we have reached the very bottom of what is explainable in the universe, for everything is explained in terms of something else but we still have no deeper explanation of mass and inertia; we simply observe their effects. To this day, their explanation – their cause – remains a complete and total mystery, surpassed only perhaps by the mystery of the nature of God.

Mass is the sound of space vibrating. Our fingers can hear this vibration and send the data to our brain, which creates a map of this data. This map, we call mass. We have other maps made through sight, sound, taste, smell. Each of these senses feel certain vibrations of the universe and send the data to our brain. These maps converge in the mind to create what we call reality.

When you have an apparent contradiction, this means appearances are wrong. The question then becomes, why? This is the lesson of all paradox. We are faced with discovering some flaw in appearances.


electron <------------------> quark
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
photon <------------------> gluon

Spin in quantum terms can be thought of as layers of dimensions such that as a particle moves from one layer, one dimension, to another, it changes spin. This at first looked like different particles. They had different masses. But supersymmetry sees these particles of different spin and different mass as the same particle as it moves from one quantum dimension to another.

According to physics, gravity is fundamental. It can’t be explained in terms of anything simpler. It is what it is. It could be that the explanation of gravity is due to a phenomema beyond the perimeter of our universe.

Mass is derived from the energy of quarks and gluons, moving at the speed of light, huddling together to shield one another from the force of the grid from which they precipitated.

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