Jan 262013

The king hath brought me into his chambers;
[…] He brought me to the banqueting house, 
and his banner over me was love.

The most profound insight of the Desert Fathers is that entering into the heart is entering into the kingdom of God. In other words, the way to God is through the heart. Isaac the Syrian writes: “Try to enter the treasure chamber … that is within you and then you will discover the treasure chamber of heaven.” [more…]

 — — — —

Lord, call me to your chamber.

When I am distracted and confused;
When I am far from you and lost.

Call to me with the glance of another
so I may know I am not alone.
Call me to your chamber
that I may see your face.

Call to me in the gentle breeze
that speaks of your peace
so that I may feel your presence.

Call to me in the silence
of contemplation
so that I may hear you.

Call to me in the candle flame
that flickers in the darkness
so that I may see your light.

Lord, call to me
so that I may follow you
and know your love.

Lord, call to me
so that I may know
how to love.

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