Jan 282013

“To the child who is learning how to swim we explain that because of natural laws there is no reason to be afraid, and if he will only make a few simple movements he will be able to swim. But the child is perhaps still afraid. He shrinks back, and does not seem to believe us. But finally the moment comes when he experiences for himself that what he was told is really possible, after all. He believes, and now he is able to swim.”

-Claude Tresmontant in “Toward the Knowledge of God”

— — —

Lord, you have challenged us to believe;
You have invited us into the water
and assured us we will not sink;

Listening to your word
now we prepare to leave our familiar shores.
Now we cry out, now we reach out
like babes with arms outstretched

as we make our way to you,
Lord, teach us to swim.

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