Oct 042005

Paper Clippings

Primal scream

Mary Eberstadt thinks that there is a connection between identity politics and the long-term effects of the sexual revolution.

Politics as redemptive religion

Why many politically-engaged millennials are Blochians without knowing it.

We are different...

A report from Jerusalem by Santiago Ramos.

False Europe

A manifesto by a group of well-known European intellectuals.

Evangelization for our time

Michael Sean Winters reviews Julian Carron's "Disarming Beauty".

Mindful of what?

The problem with mindfulness is that if it is separated by the religious sense it just becomes another technique.


Matt Taibbi on the media's responsibilities in the age of Trump.

What we really are

A column by Bruce Buff on artificial intelligence.

A crisis?

Some striking research on the effects of smart phones on young people.

Bad but important

Ross Douthat is not impressed by Civilta` Cattolica's grasp of the American situation.
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