Oct 042005

Paper Clippings

Don't wait

Rusty Reno points out that the Church is always renewed by movements.

Deeper grace

A new anthology of writings by Simone Weil.

Lost city?

An interesting but pessimistic article on the evolution of New York City.

That makes sense

There is a connection between suicide and the perception that our life is meaningless.

Original sin

"It’s as if there’s a flaw, ... there’s a flaw in our code and it follows us around."


More on loneliness.


This week David Brooks is embracing a distinctly Catholic philosophical tradition.


An epidemics of loneliness.

Beauty educates

A great column by David Brooks on "La Cometa."

Seeking transcendence

Michael Brendan Dougherty makes a good point: in a culture bereft of ideals the only two ways to participate in political life are either as technocrats or as victims.
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