Oct 042005

Paper Clippings

Waiting for a sign

A book review on the plight of the millennial generation.

A fact

Cardinal Muller makes an interesting connection between Christianity being a fact and how to understand the development of doctrine.

In my own home

This father's reaction to the Florid shooting is heartfelt.

Try to think

Fr. Matt Malone points out correctly that our society lacks "philosophy." One could argue that its philosophy is a form of scientism that pretends not to be a philosophy but must be challenged as such.


An interesting interview with Fred Siegel on the trajectory of US liberalism.

Mythical core

Alan Jacobs on how humans really operate.

Age of Outrage

Jonathan Haidt on the situation in the universities.

The exhaustion of technocracy

An interesting essay by Frank Furedi.

Primal scream

Mary Eberstadt thinks that there is a connection between identity politics and the long-term effects of the sexual revolution.

Politics as redemptive religion

Why many politically-engaged millennials are Blochians without knowing it.
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