Oct 042005

Paper Clippings


Father Cervellera gives a very balanced assessment of the China-Vatican deal.

Acute cognitive dissonance

A rant on the mindset of Western liberal elites by John Gray.

Something greater

Many religious communities are reporting increases in the number of vocations.

Don't wait

Rusty Reno points out that the Church is always renewed by movements.

Deeper grace

A new anthology of writings by Simone Weil.

Lost city?

An interesting but pessimistic article on the evolution of New York City.

That makes sense

There is a connection between suicide and the perception that our life is meaningless.

Original sin

"It’s as if there’s a flaw, ... there’s a flaw in our code and it follows us around."


More on loneliness.


This week David Brooks is embracing a distinctly Catholic philosophical tradition.
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