Oct 042005

Paper Clippings

Back to work

An essay by John Waters.

Non sequitur

Charles Camosy points out that moral judgments never follow from medical facts by themselves.

Grow up

Chris Arnade on atheism and human suffering.

Disarming beuty

John Allen interviews Fr. Julian Carron.

European Germany

Fr. Edmund Waldstein on the death of Helmut Kohl.

"Science-based" thinking

A clear-headed column by Ben Domenech on the link between "global technocracy" and political polarization.

Non valde boni

Elizabeth Bruenig on St. Augustine.

New Movements

These discussions are very significant for the future of the Church.

Perpetual 1960's...

fighting perpetual 1950's is a good description of much of progressive political culture in the US.

The age of autonomy

Andrew J. Bacevich on the larger trends in our "non-society".
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