Clang Clang Went the Trolley

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Oct 052011

“What we have in this thought-experiment is a place to start thinking about our instinctive moral responses (what philosophers call our ‘moral intuitions’) and the way that these intuitions may or may not cohere together or be capable of any kind of rational justification.”

Who’s Asking

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Jun 282011

Philosophy student to professor: Can you prove that I exist? Professor to philosophy student: Who’s asking? I heard Rev. Kevin O’Neil of the Washington Theological Union gave a talk titled, “What am I Free For? Moral Theology in the Catholic Tradition.” The second point of his talk was in identifying “three questions to encompass the [more …]

The Beauty of the Ethical

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Jun 282011

They judge their moral success always by the fate of the world and never by the fate of their marriage.